Mouth-To-Mouth Method

by Johannes Bergmark/Unn Fahlstrøm

Two people make mouth sounds with their mouths extremely close to each other and partly inside each other. The sounds of one are thus modulated by the other's oral cavity, teeth, lips and tongue, and sometimes by fingers that tear cheeks and neck, or nails that scratch against teeth. Thus sounds and situations are produced that could not be made by a soloist. The listener is placed between hungry, empassioned jaws and is kissed, licked, chewed, consumed, vomited and regurgitated. Surviving this you have been resurrected and can walk away an immortal, overcoming all dangers.The mouths belong to Johannes Bergmark and Unn Fahlstrøm. These are the complete, uncensored mouth-to-mouth sessions, recorded 1999 - 2000 at the Electro-Acoustic Music in Sweden (EMS) studios in Stockholm. The sequence is the original and the composition is improvised on location. Mastered for cd by Johannes Bergmark at EMS.

Sound clip